Wolverhampton Arena Theatre

Who is controlling who in this installation? The bald boy sitting in the barber’s chair asking for his locks to be cut? The barber welding his scissors & razor “pretending” to cut his locks…? Or the film maker/artist who has you sit in a very real barber’s chair surrounded by three screens? Very thought provoking.

Enjoyed thoroughly, very moving.

Excellent pieces of artwork.

It was amazing, well done you! It’s very touchy. I’ve never seen a movie like this!

Very thought provoking

Very good, reminded me of the tales of the unexpected

Very moving piece, heart touching.

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

When I first saw all the odd things hanging up I thought “ho hum another installation” but when I went in and watched the DVD I was totally blown away… totally amazing. It’s like the fairytale “the king’s new clothes” meets “tales of the unexpected” Well done…

Really don’t understand the concept of the programme. Really good idea though. Impressed.

Where is the art? Very much ‘king’s clothes’

The bald chap creeped me out, excellent though!

Thought provoking. A revelation!

Wonderful!! It is lovely

A time capsule

Eerie – but I think I would have done the same.

Most unusual! Enthralling in fact!

Love it!


Enjoyed all of this. I love this room and you’ve used it really intelligently. Expansive work – impressed. _____ ____ of storytelling.

Didn’t understand, cool thou. Funny stuff!

What on earth?


Interesting Needed more time to absorb. But great work.

Strange, original, immersive and very well presented, technically. Well done J

What have you got to lose?

Strange but really good, well done.

Thought it was interesting and different.




His hair looked better to start with!


Really interesting display – loved the viewers


Great – really loved all of it.

Performance art= (a strange thing) but let’s embrace the oddity of life.


Intriguing J, Well done!

That was absolutely amazing, well done.

He was sexy 😉 Fantastic

The experience in the ‘chair’ is quite unnerving. Made me feel quite uncomfortable.