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Director and Producer:
Ray Jacobs

Adapted from a short story by
Simon Armitage


Bastion the barber:
Denny Hodge

Jack the customer:
James Doolan

Music played and composed by
Ted Barnes

Director of Photography:
Jonathan Tritton

Richard Hayhow

Production Designer:
Wren Miller

Production Assistant:
Imogen Miller Fermor

Sound Recorder:
Bob Burnell

Dubbing Mixer:
Andrew Wilson

Assistant Camera Operator:
Callum Barre

Barber consultant:
Linda Lloyd Smith

Screenplay adapted from an original story ‘Collaborators’ written by Simon Armitage and adapted with permission from publishers faber & faber.

Actors in the Bastion devising lab:
Alan Wales, Gergo Danka, James Doolan, Jake Jarvis, John Sprint,
Dean Warburton, and Stephen Loader.

Filmed on location at Geezers barbers in Wellington.

Funded by Arts Council England.